About MGHS

We are a small, grassroots 501(c)3 corporation, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and proud to be a no-kill shelter. Because the County of Greene provides shelter for dogs only, the fate of the abandoned and homeless cats in the County rests solely with us; typically we save the lives of about 300 cats per year. Additionally, Madison-Greene Humane Society greatly benefits Madison, Greene, and surrounding counties in Central Virginia by offering weekly low-cost spay-neuter clinics and bi-annual low-cost rabies clinics to citizens of these communities.

We began in 1985 as the Madison County Humane Society, Inc., an independent, non-profit agency not funded by any governmental entity or national animal welfare organization.

In 1998, our Board decided that euthanizing healthy, adoptable animals due to space constraints was unacceptable. With this decision, the Humane Society became the first no-kill organization in the area.

In 1999, our Board again took progressive action when they decided that no animal would be adopted until it had already been spayed or neutered.

In 2004, the organization’s name was changed to Madison-Greene Humane Society to more accurately reflect our service area.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the future of our community’s cats and dogs ~ both those homeless and in homes ~ by providing care for homeless cats and high quality, low cost spay/neuter services and low cost community rabies vaccination events.  Our mission is to build a community where animals are considered family; where people understand the value of animals and the responsibility it takes to care for them and give them a loving home; where animal abuse is a thing of the past and animals are treated with respect; where people are inspired and empowered to take the initiative to improve the lives and health of ferals; where we are all guided by the conviction that a world where people respect, love, and care for companion animals is a far richer world for all.

Our Vision

We will improve the future of our community’s companion animals and make our neighborhoods a better place to live by creating a centralized animal care and services facility containing a spay/neuter clinic, an isolated medical quarantine area, safe and caring housing for animals awaiting adoption, a comfortable place for fun and healthy interactions between people and adoptable animals, and administrative and educational office and meeting spaces. We invite you to share this in vision and help us bring it to fruition through donating your time, money, and talent.